Shared World Licence Plain English

Wootenshire is the first implementation of the Shared World Licence. This is a legal alternative to copyright that allows an author (or other creatives) to create a work based in a world (called The World on this page), still profit from that work, but also explicitly allow other people to make new works based off theirs.

You are also allowed to a trademarked logo and the words (in the case of Wootenshire, this is the words “Official Wootenshire Licensed Product” and the OWL logo). You can also use The World in your marketing. The idea is that as a group, we’ll all support each other’s work. Very broadly, in plain English and not legally binding, the terms of the license are below.

  1. Any derivative works must be released under this licence. In particular, you must allow other authors to create derivative works based on their your work.

  2. All characters, locations and events in your work that take place within or reference The World must be added or updated on the Wiki. There must be minimal changes made to the existing Wiki entries. In all cases the Wiki must remain consistent both with your work and with existing published works. The World has it’s own internal rules and these must be observed. Finally, be nice and play fair. The World has a governing body and they have the final decision on this paragraph.

  3. Aside from what is covered by this licence, all other copyright remains with the author. The author is free to market, publish and sell their own work.

  4. Aside from the logo and the phrase mentioned above, all other uses of the trademark are reserved by the governing body.

  5. Likewise the Wiki, the website and its contents are owned by the governing body.

We hope that you’ll be inspired by Wootenshire and will want to write books based here.